Holiday Extras

Holiday Extras

Holiday Extras is a huge company that has been praised for its service by many different organisations. It has also featured in lots of different newspapers so you know this is a good company that has a lot to offer.

You can park your car with them at Edinburgh Airport for just over four pounds a day to start, so as you can see this is also a good value company. Their website makes it easy to book and get the best possible rate for your troubles.

So let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer, so we can see exactly what you can get in the way of airport parking at Edinburgh Airport.

General information about Holiday Extras

You can find the Holiday Extras website at Once you are there have a look down the left hand side of the home page and you will see a column headed ‘airport parking’.

There is a drop down box just underneath the heading and you can select Edinburgh Airport parking from that box. Once you do this you will be taken into a specific page that will show you all about the parking options you can choose from.

The company itself has been going since 1983, and it is the best one of all for success in booking all the spaces at the airports people demand them at.

Holiday Extras at Edinburgh Airport

There are two different car parks available at Edinburgh Airport if you choose to book with Holiday Extras. That may not sound like many but remember that this is only a small airport. It only has one terminal as well, so there isn’t as much need for lots of car parks as you might think.

Firstly there is the NCP Long Stay car park. As the name suggests this is for people who aren’t just dropping off or picking up travellers from holiday. This car park has the benefit of being right on the airport itself, rather than outside. Consequently the transfers take just a few minutes, and the transfer buses run very regularly as well – around six per hour.

The second choice you have available is the Scotpark car park. This isn’t within the airport perimeter but you will find that the transfer time is around the same. They also run about six buses an hour, so you shouldn’t have to wait long for your connecting ride to the terminal itself.

What kind of parking facilities does Holiday Extras offer?

Both car parks have been the recipients of the Park Mark. This award is given to car parks that are particularly good where security is concerned. So whichever one you book, you can rest assured your car is being well looked after and monitored while you are away.

Other important aspects for security issues are also in place, such as CCTV monitoring and regular foot patrols by the security staff. These car parks are also manned right round the clock and are bordered by high fences, making it impossible for anyone to gain access if they cannot get through the entry gates.

What should you be aware of?

Quite often the most expensive car parks at any airport are the ones that are closest to the airport terminal. But this doesn’t seem to be the case at Edinburgh Airport.

When we looked at competitive prices on the Holiday Extras website, we actually found the Scotpark car park to be slightly more expensive per day – and this is located just outside the airport. Always check the rates when you book if you are concerned about price.

Every car park has its own specific check in and check out procedures, so be sure you look on the Holiday Extras website when booking for the latest information. Either that or you could try phoning ahead with any questions.

In conclusion

Holiday Extras has clearly built up a lot of experience during the twenty five plus years they have been in operation. As a result you can expect to benefit from this when you book your Edinburgh Airport car parking with them.

The website is easy to use and pleasant to browse round, and the efficient nature of it is added to with the sheer amount of information they provide you with. They won’t leave you guessing what the facilities at each car park are like – it is all laid out in front of you and easy to find as well.

So why not check their website now? You might be surprised by what you find.